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  Balance the rations

If your horses are fed with a complete food or a mix of cereals, it is possible that their nutritional status is unbalanced. This imbalance, more or less important will be all the more harmful, as the effort given to horses will be intense.
The main parameters to be taken into account will be:
  • the protein contents
  • the Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio ( Ca/P ), being able to have an echo on the osteo-articular status
  • the Magnesium contents
  • the Zinc/Copper Ratio (Zn/Cu)
  • the antioxidant contents ( A, C and E vitamins, Selenium)
  • the Iron and the D Vitamin contents, too often overestimated
The nutritional study and the possible error corrections require a physico-chemical analysis of your forages, the contents of which in minerals and trace elements is variable according to regions and practices of culture.
  Optimize the body composition

The rump fat thickness measurement allows to have access to the horse’s percentage of fat. This value associated with the weight’s estimation divides the total mass in :
  • Fat mass
  • Fat free mass (representing the muscular mass, the osseous mass and the visceral mass)
An optimized physical composition will have the following characteristics :
  • A controlled fat mass
  • An optimized thin mass (id est a developed muscular mass)
A too important fat mass can be at the origin of osteo-articular disorders, whereas a too much decreased fat mass will be in it sign of a progressive exhaustion.

The body composition’s optimization will be connected on one hand to the work given daily and on the other hand the daily energy content of the distributed ration.
  Prevent stomach and duodenal ulcers

Since gastroscopy exists, trainers and riders are more and more sensitive to the importance of stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Gastric ulcers are widely facilitated by an unsuitable nutrition.

Different options can be taken to fall effectively and durably ulcers prevalency in stables, and so avoid a too important use of anti-acid molecules (oméprazol, cimetidin…).
  Prevent rhabdomyolysis

Repeated rhabdomyolysis in a stable can find their origin in a bad casting of food for days off, a mismanagement of the recovery or in grave nutritional errors.

A global care must be led in association with your dealing surgeon to target your needs as exactly as possible.
  Control the feeding costs

Feeding costs (with supplementation costs) are majors for a horse owner.

The objective is not to reduce drastically feeding costs but to optimize their utilization : saving for food can be used in supplementation and reciprocally….

Des économies faites sur les aliments peuvent être utilisées à bon escient dans la complémentation et inversement….
  Regular follow up

The follow up of a stable or a horse in particular over a long period allows, not only, to balance the rations and to supply to the owner a nutritional solution adapted to its needs, but also to guide gradually horses towards an ideal body composition and to maintain this one throughout the period of competition.

Curves representing the evolution according to the time of weight, percentage of fat, fat mass and fat free mass will allow to follow at best the evolution of the horse and to guide riders or trainers in the establishment of the programs of competition and in the implementation of working objectives.

This follow-up, affordable and complete, will be set up with your dealing surgeon to assure more coherence in care
  Punctual help

In the case of the appearance of a major nutritional problem within a stable, a punctual help can be organized.

The nutritional study will be identical to that undertaken during a regular follow-up. Follow-up visits with more or less long term can be envisaged according to your needs.

The difficulties motivating a nutritional study can be:
  • poor performance
  • stomach ulcers suspicion
  • rhabdomyolysis
  • regular osteo-articular problems
  • important prevalency of DOD in the breeding
  • obesity
  • ...
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